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No death for Jesus – The Turin shroud and the resurrection of Christ

A book that explains all essential aspects in a compact way.
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Scarcely any historical object has been so intensively examined in so many disciplines as the Shroud of Turin. And scarcely any historical object has been so passionately debated.

The Shroud of Turin is a linen cloth measuring 436 centimeters in length by 110 centimeters in width on which the clear image of a crucified man can be seen, a man who was approximately thirty to forty years old and who stood approximately five feet ten inches tall (1.8 meters). The Shroud also bears various burn spots, as well as a series of bloodstains.

For some, the Shroud is an ingenious medieval forgery, while for others it is the genuine burial shroud of Jesus Christ. Only now in our time are scientific methods available to objectively search for the truth of the Shroud.


  • The many indications that speak for the authenticity of the cloth.
  • Why the man of the cloth could only have been Jesus.
  • Why coroners say the man under the cloth couldn’t have been dead.
  • Why the C14 dating of 1988 is no longer scientifically unsustainable.
  • How the Catholic Church, as the owner, behaves towards the most important relic of Christianity.

The cloth witnessed the events in the tomb. Its message is: Jesus survived the crucifixion!

The resurrection of Christ must therefore be reinterpreted.

The text is richly illustrated, the controversies are precisely represented, so that you can form your own picture.

ISBN 9783754311950

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Paperback 7,99 € eBook 4,49€

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